Chairman's Remarks - March 2024

CHAIRMAN’S REMARKS I am excited to relate with you once again on this platform since it was launched to bridge the gap in communication that ensued during the pandemic period when we had no or limited opportunity for physical meeting and interaction. With the deployment of our website, we were able to minimize the impact in disruption in communication. We are happy that we now have the full option in our communication media available. During the past period quite a lot has happened within our Association. We celebrated in July 2023, the 25 th anniversary of the Association which had all the 4 branches assemble in Port Hacourt for the colourful ceremony. Another significant event that took place was the election of a new Executive Committee for the Branch Association. We are grateful for the confidence that you had in us in entrusting the responsibility of serving the Association during the next two years in the various roles to which we were elected. We commit to work to justify your trust in us. We thank the immediate past Executive Committee members for the great work that they put in and the achievements that they recorded during their tenure even under the difficult circumstances of the pandemic and consequent lockdown. A couple of other changes within our environment that affected us also occurred in the intervening period. One was the introduction of an online verification application I AM ALIVE to replace the previous paper based Certificate of Existence (CoE) form. There were also changes in Health Management Organisations (HMO) within the period with the aim of ensuring better service delivery to our members. We would not fail to note and appreciate the magnanimity of our sponsor company and the Shell Nigeria Closed Pension Fund Administrator (SNCPFA) as manifested in the regularity and timely payment of our pension salaries. They have also consistently sponsored our Pensioners day celebrations. Last year we were able to have a double celebration, one in January and the other in December 2023 to clear the backlog in 2022 and the current year 2023. In addition there was a once off discretionary payment to all our pensioners. Under the current economic challenges and the changes that are taking place in our environment, there is no overemphasizing the fact that we need to keep our channels of communications open to receive feedback from each other that will enable us react appropriately as situations unfold. We wish everyone good health and a happy and prosperous 2024.

Elder Ezekiel Udomah
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Shell Pensioners’ Association of Nigeria was founded in 1987 under the name – Shell-BP Pensioners’ Association of Nigeria.


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